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Penelope Chilvers

High Gala Suede Espadrille in Navy

High Gala Suede Espadrille in Navy

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Our High Gala is a practical and stylish choice for sunnier days. This simple shape in an on-trend denim, features metallic denim ribbons, built not to fray. Made in Spain with a suede upper and traditional jute sole, pair it with stylish 70’s inspired floral patterns and flowing skirts for a senorita-inspired style.

SPECS: Suede upper. Jute sole. Leather Working Group - Silver Rated Tannery. Metallic ribbons. Made in Spain.

CARE: Protect with Protector Spray which will help shelter from the elements by repelling water, mud, and oil. Softly wipe away dirt and dust with a dry Application Cloth or Beech Mud Brush for more stubborn mud. Regularly brush the nap of the suede to keep it looking pristine. To preserve the delicate nature of the porous jute, direct contact with water and wear in heavy rain should be avoided.

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